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David is highly selective as to which products and services he shares on the show, so that he can provide a personal endorsement. In the case of investment-related offerings, he will only accept sponsors if he is using the investment product in his own portfolio.

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What is Money For the Rest of Us?

Who is David Stein?

Money For the Rest of Us is a personal finance show on money, how it works, how to invest it and how to live without worrying about it.  

The format is narrative driven with the host David Stein weaving together stories, examples, academic research and media findings on topics related to money, investing and the economy.  

The podcast was launched in May 2014, has over 200 episodes and more than 7 million downloads. The show is one of the top investing podcasts on iTunes.

David Stein is producer and host of Money For the Rest of Us. Prior to the launch of the show, David was Chief Investment Strategist and Chief Portfolio Strategist at Fund Evaluation Group, LLC, a $33 billion investment advisory firm, where he co-headed the 21-person research group. He co-founded the firm’s $2.2 billion asset management division, developed its investment philosophy and process and was the lead portfolio manager. He has extensive public speaking experience including at corporate events for iShares, Morningstar, TDAmeritrade and others. 

Who Is Listening?

What Are Listeners Saying?

"Fantastic — J. David Stein is a very articulate, thoughtful and knowledgeable guy. I listen to this show regularly during my daily...activities and highly recommend it." - Natalie Cardot

"Informative and well explained — Great podcast for anyone looking to gain more knowledge on financial markets and how they interact." - Trenton Carlson

"Great podcast — Very knowledgeable and helpful host, good production and sound. Very relaxing to listen to." - Omid B.

"Great money podcast — David does a great job of explaining complex problems. He lays everything out in understandable ways. Gives you a different perspective of money." - Peter E.

"Great advice. It's investing made simple and easy." - Stacy J. 

"David has done a tremendous job taking large complex issues and is able to break it down. By illustrations and storytelling, he is able to walk us through everything finance. He has a gift and truly keeps it simple." - Brett Millsap

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